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Condition requirements

General guidelines

We buy all kinds of vinyl records in every format: LPs, 12" Maxis, 7" Singles, Box Sets, and special formats such as 5", 6", 11", etc. We buy all listed items also as promotional pressings and test pressings.

We are also interested in memorabilia such as awards, promotional and fan club material, autographs, tour programs, etc. Please just include those items in your shipment or send us an e-mail in advance. We will make you an individual offer.

Items must be...

  • in general in a very good condition,
  • complete, i.e., contain printed inner bags, booklets, posters (if applicable), and
  • playable without problems.

Items not meeting our condition requirements will not be accepted. In this case, we contact you and ask to decide whether you wish the disposal or the reshipment of the items (€3.00).

Condition requirements

Element Acceptable Not acceptable
  • Weak noise or crackling
  • Light surface marks, scratches and hairlines
  • Dust and fingerprints
  • Clearly perceptible noise, crackling or skips during playback
  • Clearly noticeable surface marks
  • Soiled surface, e.g., with liquid drops, glue, paint
  • Factory stickers (e.g., 'sample copy')
  • Small stickers, sticker tears or scratches
  • Small writings if all printed information is clearly readable
  • Clearly visible sticker tears or scratches
  • Large writings or paintings
  • Small scuffs such as light ringwear, tiny tears, light corner bends, minor color abrasion, minor discoloring, etc.
  • Price stickers, small sticker tears, or a slight peeling of the laminate where a sticker has been removed
  • Small cut out marks like drill holes, saw marks, or cut corners
  • Open edges caused by loss of adhesion
  • Small writings on the cover back or in the corners of the cover art
  • Original signatures
  • Clearly noticeable scuffs such as broad ringwear, tears, corner bends, color abrasion, discoloring, etc.
  • Watermarks on the picture sleeve
  • Moldy or smelling covers, e.g., when stored in a cellar or in a smoky room
  • Large and/or clearly visible writings or drawings (except for autographs)
  • Writings in the center or main part of the cover art
Additional inserts
  • Minor flaws as described in the 'Cover' section
  • Damaged inserts
  • Flaws as described in the 'Cover' section


We do not accept...

  • heavily scratched or broken records,
  • records without original picture sleeve or with damaged cover,
  • illegal or unauthorized pressings,
  • bootlegs,
  • media with pornographic contents,
  • indexed items, that is, items that have been declared as harmful to young persons by the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien (Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons) or equivalents in other countries, and
  • Gramophone (shellac) records (except for old Jazz and Blues shellac releases that may be of interest - please contact us in this case in advance).