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General terms and conditions

I) Scope

  1. These general terms and conditions apply exclusively to all sales made to us via our Internet portal in the version valid at the time of sale. We do not accept deviating conditions unless we have expressly agreed to their applicability.
  2. These general terms and conditions apply to the purchase of new and used records, box sets and so-called memorabilia.

II) Purchasing conditions

  1. The seller must be aged 18 or over and have full legal capacity.
  2. We purchase goods from private users and commercial sellers, whose sales offer to us does not constitute a commercial activity.
  3. By submitting his offer, the seller confirms that he is the rightful owner of the goods offered, that he does not infringe any third-party rights and that the goods meet our condition requirements.
  4. We do not purchase releases from: Bulgaria, Greece, Yugoslavia, Poland, Russia, Hungary.
  5. The minimum purchase amount is €25.00.
  6. The submission of a proper purchase offer and the conclusion of a valid contract is made either online or by fax. Registration on our Internet portal is required for online order processing; this registration is free of charge and free from any obligation, aside from the correct provision of data. For fax order processing, a correctly completed fax form must be sent.
  7. By submitting his offer, the supplier confirms that he has acknowledged these general terms and conditions.

III) Offer

  1. Completing the sale via clicking a button after placing one or more items in the cart, after the prior indication of a purchase price on our part, is equivalent to the seller submitting a purchase offer to us. This does not necessarily lead to the conclusion of a contract. After submission of the purchase offer online or by fax, the seller receives a confirmation of the receipt of the offer by e-mail or fax, respectively. Once the goods arrive at our premises, we check them for completeness and compliance with our condition requirements. The acceptance of the purchase offer, and therefore the conclusion of the contract, occurs via an e-mail or fax confirmation of the purchase and the transfer of the purchase price.
  2. The purchase offer is binding to the seller for 14 days after the goods are received at our premises.

IV) Dispatch

  1. The seller shall dispatch the items as soon as possible, and in any case in good time, so that they arrive at our premises within two weeks. In the event of a later arrival, Vinool reserves the right to adjust the purchase price to the current purchase price or to refuse purchase, without further query.
  2. The seller bears the risk of the loss or deterioration of the goods as a result of damage in transit. The seller shall therefore ensure that his goods are packed properly and securely in accordance with our packing instructions. Obvious damage that has occurred during transit will be reported to the seller immediately, so that the seller may submit a corresponding damage report to the transit company.
  3. The consignment shall be accompanied by the delivery note, which the seller can download from our online platform and print out.

V) Examination of the goods, defects

  1. We undertake to examine the goods within five working days after receipt.
  2. If the goods do not meet our condition requirements, are defective or incomplete, we will inform the seller immediately and reserve the right to refuse the sale in whole or in part or to submit a correspondingly modified purchase offer.
  3. A changed purchase offer will be sent by e-mail. The customer can decide within 30 days after receipt of the e-mail whether he wants to reject or accept the counteroffer. If he accepts the counteroffer, the contract is concluded on the basis of the changed purchase offer. If he refuses, no contract is concluded and the goods are sent back to the specified address (see 5.). If the customer does not respond to the e-mail with the counteroffer within 30 days - neither with acceptance nor rejection -, then we assume that the customer intends to accept the counteroffer. A corresponding contract is then concluded on the basis of our changed purchase offer. We point out this consequence of the non-reaction in our e-mail with the counteroffer.
  4. If a purchase is partially or completely rejected, the customer will be asked by e-mail to provide a statement about the disposition of the rejected goods. If he decides to have the goods returned, they will be sent back immediately to the address given. If the customer refuses the return or if we do not receive a statement from the customer within 30 days, we will send the items for recycling.
  5. The costs (shipping fee €3.00) for any return shipment bears the seller. Return costs can be offset against a possible purchase price. The risk of loss or deterioration of the goods is borne by the seller when returning the goods. If the delivery of the return to the seller fails due to circumstances for which we are not responsible, we reserve the right to send the goods for recycling.
  6. If the shipment, deviating from the delivery note, contains additional goods that were sent unsolicited and without prior agreement, these items will not be processed, paid for or returned, but sent for recycling.

VI) Purchase and payment

  1. The payment of the purchase price and reimbursement of shipping costs will be made solely via the bank or PayPal details provided during the registration process at or in the fax form. Cash payments are not possible. The purchase amount is usually paid within three working days after the receipt and examination of the goods by us via a bank or PayPal transfer. The seller bears banking or PayPal fees, if arising.
  2. Contract texts are stored by us as part of our commercial accounting in accordance with the statutory requirements. In their own interest, sellers are recommended to save or print out the text of the contract which we send by e-mail after conclusion of the contract.

VII) Data protection

Our data privacy statement describes in detail how we process the personal data that you transmit to us and to what extent we make this data available to third parties for use.

VIII) General

In the event that a provision of these general terms and conditions or a provision in any other agreements should be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions or agreements shall remain unaffected. The invalid provisions shall be replaced by an appropriate provision, which comes closest to the invalid clause to the extent permitted by law. Should one point of our general terms and conditions be invalid, void or not permissible, the other provisions shall remain valid. The place of jurisdiction and place of performance is Kiel, Germany.